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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Epione's website is live!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione launches Skin Care

Epione launches the most high quality line of skin care products in its class. Dr. Simon Ourian has put all the elements together for his exclusive line of products. For more information on these unique creams, please call (877)444-0918 and order your supply today.

When you can't come in to Epione for procedure, apply the skin care cream and protect your beauty. Epione's skin care line redefines beauty and elegance. Exclusively available at the Epione Medical Spa or on

The creams Dr. Ourian has developed is now available to everyone and not only his patients.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Call Epione (877)444-0918

Call today at (877) 444-0918 and schedule your free consultation for any of our procedures. Feel free to call one of our specialists and ask any question you'd like on the procedure. We are the finest and largest Botox facility in the nation.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Simon Ourian on Linked In

Hi Everyone,

I have officially created a Linked In account. You will be able to find me at the following URL

Best wishes,

Simon Ourian, MD

Monday, September 17, 2007

Call Epione Medical Corporation

Call Epione now and schedule your first consultation. Simply call (877) 444-0918 and one of our lovely operators will assist you. Feel free to ask them any questions you'd like and they will refer you to the correct personal to further assist your needs. At Epione, we gaurantee highest standard of customer care. Please stay posted for the 4-Step Client Service Process.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Epione Virtual Consultation features the world wide web's first Virtual Consultation. Take part in an online evaluation and obtain recommendations on different procedures. This feature is extremely informative and easy. Please visit for more information.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Botox Addiction Dr. Simon Ourian Offering a 12 Step Program

A British psychologist recently published a study titled Botox Addiction that shows four out of 10 people receiving regular botulinum toxin injections, known commercially as Botox, had a compulsive motive for doing it. Botox users can develop behavioral addictions to the treatments but do not become chemically dependent on the toxin, according to the findings. The study raised many eyebrows. Well, sort of.

Simon Ourian MD of Epione, a top US Botox authority who has one of the largest Botox practices in the world, said the study is nothing short of an irresponsible PR scheme, and the use of the word addiction downright bogus. Addiction is medically defined as a chronic disorder that is characterized by the repeated use of substances or behaviors despite clear evidence of morbidity secondary to such use. A quarterly use of Botox, as it was described in the study, absent any serious side effects hardly meets the criteria for diagnosis of addiction, says Dr. Ourian. A desire to look your best at all times is an inherent right of every individual. The findings have absolutely no connection to reality, said Ourian. High patient satisfaction following treatment is not the same thing as addiction, he continued.

Most of my patients come back to receive BOTOX or Restylane, or Radiesse treatments every few months because they want to maintain their youthful appearance. The treatments are effective, predictable, and in the hands of the right doctor very safe. The desire to look one'ss best is healthy, and a very integral part of the desire to live, says Ourian.

I suspect if this psychologist would have been born 30 years earlier they would conduct a study on the addictive behavior of people who visit their dentist twice a year, and enjoy a brighter smile, Ourian comments facetiously.

If we are to believe that botox is addictive a new industry is likely to be born, says Ourian, one that helps former Botox addicts go through a recovery program. Botoxoholist Anonymous-which deals with what they call the powerlessness to stop receiving Botox. You can almost hear the words Hi my name is Pam and I am a Botoxoholist.